Admission procedures

Year 7 Entry

St John Payne Catholic School is a Voluntary Aided school in the Diocese of Brentwood and is maintained by the Essex Local Authority. The number of intended admissions to Year 7 in any school year is 190.

Parents wishing to apply for a place at St John Payne Catholic School for Year 7 entry must apply to their Local Authority and also complete the school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF) which is below. The closing date for applications to the Local Authority is the 31st October and the SIF should be returned to the school by this date also.

If your child is a practising Catholic you will need to ask your Priest for a completed Certificate of Practice and provide a copy of your child's Baptism certificate. For Christian and other faiths please ask your religious leader for a reference on headed paper to be sent to the school. Full details of our admissions procedure can be seen on our Admissions policy which is below. Please note, although Churches were closed during lockdown you will still need to obtain a Priests reference to support your child's application. Please contact your Priest directly to arrange this.


Unsuccessful applicants for admission in Year 7 (2021 - 2022) have the right to appeal to an independent appeals panel. Admission appeals will be considered on 28th and 29th June 2021 at St John Payne Catholic School. Details of how to appeal and the form required can be accessed via the links below:

Mid –Year applications

Mid-Year applications will, as far as is reasonably practicable, be dealt with promptly. Parents need to apply directly to the school by completing a Mid-Year Application SIF and an Essex County Council Mid- Year Application form, both of which are available on the links below. These will enable applications to be ranked according to the admission criteria. Where there is oversubscription, applications will be ranked and dealt with in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. Applicants will then be placed on the waiting list and will also have the right to appeal, details of which are in the guide to school admission appeals attachment below. 

For guidance on parish boundaries please see the link below to our diocese website.



For any enquiries regarding admissions procedures please contact Mrs K Searle using the main school number or email kse email




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