Welcome to the SJP Lettings page. Here you will be able to see the various resources that are available to hire. All spaces are available to book per half day. For details on lettings please contact lettings@sjp.essex.sch.uk

Halls and Gyms

Hall Name Capacity Dimensions Facilities
Jubilee Sports Hall 300 people 28m x 36m 6x Badminton courts, 3x Basketball Courts, 2x Volleyball courts, Cricket nets and indoor Football.
Aquinas Hall 300 people 18.1m x 15.1m  
Aquinas Gym 50 people 9.9m x 24m Basketball lines and hoops
Merici Hall 200 people 16.4m x 13.8m  
Bosco Hall 200 people 14.4m x 13.9m  
Bosco Gym 50 people 18.2m x 11.9m 1x Badminton court

Rooms / Classrooms

Room Name  Capacity  Dimensions
 Bosco B001  25 people  7.03m x 6.77m
 Bosco B003  25 people  7.14m x 6.91m
Aquinas A015   25 people  12.13m x 7.90m
 Aquinas A024  25 people  8.95m x 6.97m
 Aquinas A103  30 people  7.85m x 7.17m
 The Chaplaincy  50 people  10.9m x 7.27m
 Merici Common Room  30 people  13.57m x 9.03m
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