Dress Code

Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school community. Our dress code reflects the expectation that Sixth Form students adopt a business-like attitude in all that they do. The focus is on smart clothes that would be suitable for the office environment. We do not have a prescribed uniform so that students have the opportunity to express their individual style as part of their appearance.       


Appropriate attire


Smart tailored trousers.


Smart skirt that is made of non-jersey fabric.
Dresses are acceptable providing they are smart and appropriate business wear.
Skirts and dresses should be no shorter than just above the knee (between knee and mid-thigh is acceptable).
No casual leather, denim or corduroy.

Shirt & Tie

Smart short or long-sleeved shirt with buttons, a collar and a smart tie.
In the summer term, a smart, discrete logo polo top may be worn.



Smart shirt, blouse or formal top. No casual or logo T-shirts or crop tops.


Smart jumper.


Smart tailored jacket or blazer.


Smart leather, suede or leather-look shoes.
Smart boots are acceptable.
Smart sandals with a heel strap are acceptable.
No flip-flops, mules, trainers, deck shoes or Doctor Marten-style boots.


Hair must be a natural hair colour and well groomed.
Beards and moustaches should be well groomed.


Discrete piercings, appropriate for the working environment.
Facial piercings limited to one small nose stud.
No septum piercings.

Make-up and nail varnish

Discrete and appropriate for the working environment. Nails should not be excessively long.

Coats & Scarves

Coats should be smart and suitable for wearing with business attire..

Please note that the school is the final arbitrator of what is acceptable dress for school.

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