Attendance and Punctuality



The school day starts at 8:40am with registration.
Sixth form students must attend registration every day.



Any student arriving after 8.40 a.m. is late.
Students arriving after 8.40 a.m. should sign in with the Attendance Officer in the school office. After they have done this, if the student arrives between 8:40am and 9:00 am, they should go to registration. If they arrive after 9:00 am, they should go to their first lesson.
Parents will be notified daily via text message when their son or daughter is late to school.
If a student is late two times in one week, without good reason, they will be set an after-school study session.

Attendance and punctuality to lessons


All timetabled lessons are compulsory. If a student fails to attend lessons regularly, without good reason, then this could jeopardise their place in the class and their entry into any public examinations.

Studying outside of school


There are two circumstances when a student in Year 12 is entitled to study outside of school:
• The student does not have lessons periods 5 and 6. The student can leave school at 12:50 pm.
• The student has a lesson Period 5 but not period 6. They can leave school at 2:20 pm.
A student in Year 13 can study outside of school when they do not have timetabled lessons.
A number of Masses, retreats and enrichment days are arranged for sixth form students throughout the year. On these occasions, the timetable is collapsed and students are not entitled to study outside of school when they usually would be able to. They must attend these events instead.



Sixth form students are permitted to leave the school site at lunchtime.

Absence from school due to ill health


If a student is going to be absent due to illness then a parent or guardian must call the main office on 01245 256030 by 8:30 am on each day of absence.

Planned absence from school


If a student knows in advance that they will be late for school, have to leave early or absent entirely due to a medical appointment or other legitimate reason then the Attendance Officer must be informed in one of the following ways:

• A letter from a parent or guardian that is also signed by the relevant tutor or Head of Sixth Form. This should be shown to the Attendance Officer when the student is signing in/out.
• An email sent to the main office for the attention of the Attendance Officer and the Head of Sixth Form.
Early notification of absence/lateness will help to ensure that a parent or guardian avoids receiving unnecessary absence notifications from school.

Request for holiday in term time


Taking a sixth form student out of school during term time is likely to be extremely detrimental to their educational progress. There is no entitlement to parents to take a student out of school during term time. However, you may apply to the school for leave of absence if you believe there are exceptional circumstances.
In order for your application to be considered, a parent or guardian must complete the ‘APPLICATION FOR LEAVE OF ABSENCE DURING TERM TIME’ form that is available from the Attendance Officer and return it to the school with a covering letter detailing the reason for the request. The request will then be considered by the Headteacher.

Driving Lessons and Tests


Students are not permitted to book driving lessons or a driving theory test during their timetabled subject lessons, study periods or during Masses, retreats or enrichment days when they are expected to be in school.

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