Main Details

Main Details

St John Payne
Catholic School
Patching Hall Lane
Essex CM1 4BS

Headteacher: Mr Tom Coen
Chair of Governors: Mike Frost
Vice Chair: Anne Rushton

For general enquiries please contact the main school office.

Phone Number: (01245) 256030
Fax Number: (01245) 352337 (7:30am - 4:30pm)

Request for paper copies: parents/carers may request a copy of the information contained in the school’s website free of charge. Please contact the main office for more information.


Student information:

Where do I go for help? 

  • Academic queries: Classroom teacher or Head of Department.
  • Pastoral concerns: Your first point of call is the TUTOR, then PASTORAL ASSISTANTS (Mrs Oldfield & Mrs Martin), then Head of Year.
  • Safeguarding Officers: Mrs Lloyd-Jones & Mrs Martin
  • Medical/Care Plans: Mrs Green & Mrs Teodorska
  • Special Educational Needs: SEN Department: Mr Folkerd & Mrs West
  • Parent Pay: Finance Office: Mrs Bluck & Mrs Smithdale
  • Attendance Officer: Miss Margree-Coverly
  • Chaplaincy: Mrs Katy Adams


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