What is Chaplaincy?

The Chaplaincy provision in St John Payne aims to give both students and staff opportunities to explore faith, take part in prayer and meet Christ. It endeavours to offer as much as possible by way of liturgy, clubs, resources and other events, which are accessible and relevant for young people (as well as staff and the wider community). This gives opportunities to ask questions about faith, church, God and hopefully come to a deeper relationship with Christ, in line with our mission statement which wants students and staff to learn Gospel values and to “Love one another as Christ has loved us”. The Chaplain is also available as pastoral support – a listening ear for students, families and staff.

The Chaplaincy provision understands that there are many students, staff and families who are not of a Catholic background and aims to also reach out to other denominational Christians, other faiths and those of no faith through all that it does. Whilst we are a diverse and multi-cultural community, we aim to instil the Christian message of love and Gospel values instil throughout our community. We offer many opportunities for all students, staff and the wider community to meet Christ.

The Chaplain – Hannah Kelly

Hello. I am the Chaplain at St John Payne. My role is both pastoral and spiritual. I am here to support any students who may like to share concerns or to explore their faith. My door is always open or appointments can be made with me through the Form tutor or Head of Year.
The spiritual aspect of my role consists of a variety of events, clubs, Masses, liturgies, prayers, retreats, assemblies, Bible Reflections, pilgrimages, PSHE sessions, and R.E. sessions, all designed to help students access their faith learn more about religion, faith, Christianity and the Catholic Church.

Chaplaincy Leaders

Chaplaincy Leaders, elected from the Sixth Form, help to facilitate Chaplaincy events, clubs and the general chaplaincy provision. These students form a section of the Student Leadership Team.

The Leaders for 2021-2022 are:

  • Maddie M
  • Shona H
  • Tanmay N
  • Romail J
  • Millie B
  • Sophia C
  • Chifundo P
  • Hannah W
  • Aoife G-S
  • Laurel B
  • Jessica J


Each form elects two Vice-Captains. It is their specific responsibility to promote Chaplaincy events.

Lunchtime Clubs

Monday – Debating – Open to all Year Groups. Inter-form Debating takes place in the Autumn Term.
Wednesday – TBC
Thursday – Emerge – Open to Year 7 and 8 students – A club enhancing faith, fun and friendship. We play games, do activities and eat lunch together.

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