Design Technology

Design Technology

The Design and Technology Department is formed of two main components, Design and Technology and Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3 the students complete 4 projects a year to include workshop skills, graphics, textiles and food.

Year 7

The students are encouraged to become confident in the safe use of hand held tools and to develop their design ability through the completion of tasks relevant to a healthy life style.

Year 8

The students develop their skills further and greater emphasis is placed upon the needs of the consumer through the completion of more complex contextual tasks. Recipes become more complicated and home made versions of familiar foods are made. Resistant Materials projects begin to incorporate electronics and team work is encouraged.

Year 9

Students expand their initiative and their attention is drawn to the needs of the end user and the effect of their product on the environment. Textiles uses recycling in the design and make project and in Resistant materials students are introduced to CAD/CAM.

Key Stage 4

Design and Technology GCSE

Year 10

Students develop sound investigation, design, making and evaluating skills through practical and written workshop tasks. They develop their creativity and decision making skills to design and make prototypes using a range of different materials that solve relevant problems. Students are encouraged to be ambitious and open to explore and take design risks.

Year 11

Students complete a non-exam project based assessment through a contextual challenge and a final written examination.

Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE

Year 10

Students complete a series of increasingly complex written and practical tasks designed to develop their knowledge of a wide range of ingredients and techniques taking into account; food science, choice, preparation, safety, provenance, nutrition and health.

Year 11

Students complete two non-exam assessments set by the exam board and a final written examination.

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