Gifted & Talented

Welcome to the St John Payne Catholic School Gifted and Talented which is called ‘Spring Start.’

In our school we split the scheme into two – those who are ‘Academically Able’ and those who are ‘Talented.’ What is the difference?

To be classed as academically able, the student needed to be in the top 5% in their year based on their previous year’s results in English, Mathematics and Science. The gifted students are then taken from that list. This is normally about 12 students from each year.

As the more academically able students, they are encouraged to involve themselves in extra-curricular activities such as sports teams and debating, to develop their own learning, to take pride in the fact that they are on the gifted register and to always try to exceed their target grades/levels.

To be Talented is subject specific. Each department has their own policy which outlines what makes a student talented within their area. The different subjects will the offer a range of activities aimed at developing and pushing their talented students. Students will be notified by individual departments if they are classed as talented and this is normally done by letter.

Both the Academically Able and Talented lists are reviewed each academic year. Students are also recognised as having the highest effort in each year. We value the effort that students make as much as their academic ability.

The students on the ‘academically able’ and ‘highest effort’ register are invited to be part of the Spring Start scheme. The students have to opt into this and they will then receive extra mentoring sessions, information about competitions and a log-in to the Potential Plus website.


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